About Me

So let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Jeremy Whitacre, I am 37 years into my life and I have been very happily married to my wonderful wife for the last 11 of those years. We have a comfortable, happy life in Denver, Colorado where I work as a self-employed electrical engineer. We do not have children but we do keep a house full of fury animals that keep us pretty busy or at least entertained and challenged.  I am somewhat obsessed with golf and play any and every chance I get with various levels of success.  The rest of the time I enjoy reading, multi-media entertainment, cooking, outdoor sports and various activities with my dogs. I am involved in animal rescue, I am a pescetarian (vegetarian that occasionally eats seafood) and I maintain a daily practice of seated meditation. Politically, I find that I agree and disagree with Ron Paul about as much as I do with Barak Obama. For the most part, neither of our two main political parties represents me or my views in the least.

I am looking forward to entering the blogosphere and maybe making a few friends along the way!



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