My Blog made the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine!

I recently read an excellent article in Rolling Stone Magazine about Mitt Romney, his background and the type of business he ran. Although Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital should be a must read for any potential voter in the upcoming election, I am not sure I want to spend today’s blog on this particular topic. It is kind of a long article anyway and my brain is mush from watching too much of that ridiculous Republican convention on TV this week. For some reason, instead of writing an insightful blog on hypocrisy, I feel more like writing a dumb one and then going to buy a gun.

For my dumb blog, I would like to focus on a single line in the article where Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi writes thin-lipped, Whitest Kids U Know penny pincher” as a description for Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan. I guess this struck me as interesting because I myself wrote “Not just a handful of thin-lipped white guys that like to sip scotch at country clubs and play Russian Roulette with the lives of actual working citizens.” This was on August 13th and well ahead of when the reference in Rolling Stone was published. I guess I thought I penned an original with my use of “thin lipped white guys” as a derogatory description of greedy Republicans, but apparently not.

So is this a common slang term for greedy GOP that I just picked up? Or did we both just happen to come up with the same observation at the same time? I have to admit I believe I first heard Republicans referred to as “thin lipped white guys” from a sassy neighbor of mine during a backyard political discussion. But at the same time, I did spend some time doing various Google searches, and I could not find any other published reference to this term used in the context that both myself and then the Rolling Stone writer recently used it in.

Rather Matt Taibbi actually stole the reference from my blog or not, the truth of the matter is, we are actually both open publishers of racist slurs. After all, saying the exact opposite of “thin lipped white guys” certainly would be. Luckily, this is one of the cases where we are both off the hook for our racist comments because we are actually the real “thin lipped whitest guys” you know. Regardless, make no mistake about it, I will certainly not be voting for the thin-lipped whitest guy that most looks like he could be my uncle during this election cycle!

So, usually, this is the point of the blog where I like to put on my critical thinking hat and go to work. However, in honor of the Republican’s big week, I think I will instead pour myself a celebratory scotch and settle into the “me” portion of my brain for a moment or two.

There could only be one explanation for the similar reference in our articles! Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone Magazine is one of the two readers of my blog that is not my mother! And he was so impressed that he stole this line from me! So in a way, I was actually published in the cover article from Rolling Stone F***ing Magazine! Yes, you can call me Dr. Hook if you like! Feels pretty good since I just started writing about a month ago!

Also, in case you are chuckling under your breath that the third reader of my blog is probably my wife; well smart ass, you are wrong. She has only read part of one of them. YOU are actually the third reader! Thanks!