If you are basing your vote on which party was successful carrying out their goals for the past 4 years – vote Republican

As I watch the endless political spin and over the top promotion of the largely ceremonial Republican National Convention, it seemed like the perfect time to again visit the political debate. Even before they air, we have already been spoon fed the message that the GOP intends to hammer home tonight and every day and night until the election. With vigor and conviction, they are going to “prosecute” the president and hold him accountable for the promises he failed to keep during the last campaign. And as they deliver the seemingly endless list of horrific failures of his first term in office and as they repeat the failed goals that he stated enthusiastically during the campaign, the GOP will no doubt be able to prove that, unfortunately, Obama has not made good on a number of his election goals.

The thing I have also been keeping a critical thinking eye on is the goals of the Republican Party since the last election. Without a Filibuster proof majority in the Senate and as the minority in the house, compromise was the only possible way that any solutions could come from Obama and the Dems.  The crown jewel, Obamacare, is the perfect example. One of the stated goals of the campaign was to get millions of more Americans to have healthcare. Obamacare was a far cry from what Obama, or almost anyone outside of the insurance/pharmaceutical industry really wanted. It was a complete appeasement and bare minimum modeled after Republican Romney’s own state run plan. But it didn’t matter. No bill with Obama— anything was going to be supported by the GOP and that was part of the party game plan from day one. They quickly spent an unthinkable amount of money and launched the “Obmacare is Socialism bandwagon”. Oops Roberts rained on your parade and foiled the plan! Poor people getting free health insurance! The horror!

Although Obama did have some lofty goals for quick recovery from some of the disastrous previous economic policies, the GOP had some lofty goals as well. They decided from day one that if they were completely combative and uncooperative, they could keep the president from accomplishing any of his economic and employment goals for the country. With the country in a sputtering economic recovery they could easily recapture control of the White House in as short of time as possible. Mission Accomplished! High fives all around for the GOP!

So yes, if you are looking strictly at how a party has accomplished their goals during Obama’s first term you probably should vote Republican. If however, you intend to do any critical thinking while listening to the over the top indictment from the political party of George W. Bush, you may see things differently.

Also, as you watch this week, judge for yourself, are they really enthusiastic about the future? Or are they simply ecstatic about having accomplished so many of their goals over the last 4 years? And has the accomplishment of those goals helped you or the country? Or has it just promoted the specific agenda of a privileged few?


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