I am a far Right Wing Ron Paul Radical

If anyone is actually reading these blogs they may be thinking that I am a far left wing liberal. I guess I am not sure what exactly that even means but I am not sure if I am or not. I am definitely not a democrat. I did vote for Obama over McCain and I don’t regret it. I also am 100% certain that I will not vote for Romney in the upcoming election. Whether or not I vote for Obama likely depends on how close the race is in my state of Colorado. If it looks certain that Romney will not win my state I may very well vote for and not against for the first time in my life. If I do, I am certain there will be candidates on my ballot that are more consistent with my personal beliefs and views than either of the two main parties. To be completely honest, if Ron Paul were to run as a third party candidate he would likely receive my vote over either Romney or Obama regardless of how close the race is. I don’t necessarily agree with all of Ron Paul’s policies and beliefs and I certainly don’t agree with all of either of the other guys. I think he is a little too far in some things such as elimination of social services. It is not that I don’t believe that his policies might actually work; I think some of these policies pay too little attention to the impact of real people living in present time, including children. We simply cannot turn our back on those we have already screwed with our current policies.

The main reason that I would absolutely vote for Ron Paul is due to his belief about the office he would be elected to hold. He has been outspoken about the misuse of presidential authority in military affairs and also about the real necessity of deep cuts in defense spending. He has also been outspoken about his opposition and desire to end the War on Drugs. These are two of the single largest issues for me and they both also have an extremely large impact on most conservative’s main issue which is the economy and size and reach of government.

The following is a quote from Paul regarding the war on Drugs:

I think the federal war on drugs is a total failure. You can at least let sick people have marijuana because it’s helpful, but compassionate conservatives say, well, we can’t do this–the federal government’s going in there and overriding state laws and putting people like that in prison. Why don’t we handle the drugs like we handle alcohol? Alcohol is a deadly drug. The real deadly drugs are the prescription drugs. They kill a lot more people than the illegal drugs. The drug war is out of control. I fear the drug war because it undermines our civil liberties. It magnifies our problems on the borders. We spent, over the last 40 years, $1 trillion on this war. And believe me the kids can still get the drugs. It just hasn’t worked.

The last sentence says it all. IT JUST HASN’T WORKED! I really could not agree more on this one. All of the ideology and propaganda in the world does not make something work.

The second issue that would also single handedly give my vote to Paul is his position on national defense and presidential power and federal spending on policing the world.

Here is an excerpt from his political website:

Today, however, hundreds of thousands of our fighting men and women have been stretched thin all across the globe in over 135 countries – often without a clear mission, any sense of what defines victory, or the knowledge of when they’ll be permanently reunited with their families.

Acting as the world’s policeman and nation-building weakens our country, puts our troops in harm’s way, and sends precious resources to other nations in the midst of an historic economic crisis.

This is a bit oversimplified, but I am also in 100% agreement. I have no idea why he considered himself a Republican; he is so far from anyone else in the party today.

No, I don’t think Ron Paul would agree with my belief in increased regulation of the food industry. But on the other hand, I am not sure that his opinion would be that crucial in this matters as President anyway. He would say that it is state’s rights and I agree with that too.

The actual issues that a president can have an impact on should be the most important issues for the election. Unfortunately, the election will eventually be decided by how much people associate with a candidate or how many similarities they have in belief about a bunch of issues that the president has little, if any, influence over.

I wish others would consider the main issues that the president will actual have power over. Not a bunch of propaganda and ideology. Make no mistake about it, if we start evaluating and electing the politician that is the best critical thinker instead of the flashiest salesmen or sleaziest rich guy, regardless of ideology, that is when we will start to see real change in the executive branch.

Maybe I am not a left-wing liberal. Maybe I am a far right radical that is so far right that I have made my way around the globe and am now closer to the left hemisphere? Maybe I am just an individual citizen with a voice but really no realistic representation in government. I hope to see that change in my lifetime as I am certain of one thing;

The two party system has failed.