It is not All About the Economy, Stupid – It is All About Stupid “ME”

One of the truly mystifying aspects of the political discourse in this country revolves around this continued and increasing rhetoric that the only really important issue that we face as American’s is the economy. Both parties are determined that the economy is the primary and really only focus of our current election. It is understandable why politicians tailor their campaign in this fashion in spite of the fact that we have proven time and time again that the economic condition of the country is not actually in the hands of the president. If you need further explanation of that, just ask any right-winger why the economy did so well under Clinton. More often than not, the current economic condition of the day when an election occurs, decides which party gets more votes. If the economy is good and people have money in their pockets they vote to keep the current leaders. If it is bad, they want a change. What we end up with is a political rollercoaster that parallels the economic one. Because the entire current economic/financial system of our country is actually one giant game of craps being played by a handful of very powerful and wealthy men with nothing to lose, the roller coaster is not likely to stop for the rest of us any time soon.

Let’s stop and think about the question a minute. Is it really all about the economy and money? I am afraid, that for quite a few in this country, that is unfortunately the case. The pursuit of the almighty dollar has all but destroyed our society’s sense of what living life is actually all about. How many thousands of Americans have now been killed in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan over oil? How many other hundred thousand have been wounded? How many that we don’t even know about have irreversible damage from PTSD that may lead to additional death? How many millions of human beings have we killed “defending” ourselves? How many million Americans died this year from preventable disease? How many millions of our youth are obese and have preventable health problems that will kill them at a younger age than when their parents died? How many of our youth don’t learn to read and write in school? How many don’t graduate from high school? How many of our citizens live inside of our penal system? How many are addicted to drugs? How many are malnourished or living in poverty? Why is it that some see these problems so clearly, but to most American’s it is not about any of these issues?

Instead, the main concern and election decider is rather or not gas prices hit $4 a gallon at election time, or the horror of a fast food pizza being three nickels more expensive.

I am not saying the unemployment and the economy, taxation, budget deficits, and recessions are not worthy debate, but we as citizens and human being are not truly living in present minded reality in our day to day lives. We spend countless hours talking about, thinking about, counting, projecting, worrying about, reveling in, working for, and fixating on one thing and one thing only – Money.

The problem is, that at the end of the day, at the beginning of the day, and at any individual moment in present time, money has no actual reality or value.

All of our popular religions have the exact same focus and message. Help one another, heal the sick, feed the poor, and most important, the message that LOVE AND COMPASSION ARE EVERYTHING! It is only when money, greed, and selfishness get involved that these religious messages change. I don’t think accumulating wealth, or being the most prosperous person or nation in the world is even remotely a focus of any religion I have studied. More often than not the teachings are quite the opposite. And in my opinion they are all completely, one hundred percent correct.  Not that accumulating wealth, or being prosperous are bad things. It is simply a goal that cannot be met by going down that path.

For the first time in my life, I can honestly say, I have absolutely no ambition whatsoever to accumulate personal wealth. No ambition to climb the corporate ladder. Not ambition to own a jet or belong to a country club. No ambition to expand my business or beat my competitors. No ambition to be a celebrity or win a reality TV show. No ambition to be a professional athlete. No ambition to win the lottery. Nope, my only ambition is to be HAPPY. Some would say that lazy people like me are the problem in this country. I disagree. I have awakened from my slumber and the teachings of spiritual leaders and my own practice have shown me that achieving my goals will only come through a different route altogether. Truly awakening to the illusion of monetary wealth can actually make you the richest person in the world. Anyone can do it. The path is actually quite simple.

Don’t be fooled by political propaganda and illusion. Let go of the concept of “ME”. If you can achieve that one goal, you will be rewarded with more riches and happiness than you can possibly imagine!