My Personal Experience Healing Back Pain

I am sure my legions of readers have wondered what happened to the critical thinker blog. I have not posted to this blog since September 2013, when we narrowly averted war with Syria.  I would bet Google Analytics is wondering what happened to the 15 hits every month or so that this site typically commands.

Have I run out of hypocrisy to rant about? Did I delete my Facebook account? Did I experience a massive head injury and then subsequently join the Tea Party? Have I given up on my war on fear? Has fixed ideology won out over critical thinking? Make no mistake, I have not run out of things to write about, just time.

Writing a blog about fear and hypocrisy is a good way to help a person deal with their own.  Dealing with your own fear and hypocrisy is a good way to sell your house and a majority of your possessions. Selling your house and a majority of your possessions is a good way to find yourself living in a van down by the river; a prospect I have contemplated a couple of times in this blog. Well, long story short my wife and I did, sort of, decide to buy a van and live down by the river, and like I figured, we are pretty damn lucky and happy about the decision.

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