A Letter to My Congressman Regarding Authorization of Military force in Syria

syriaHere is a link to a place where you can find your Congressperson’s email. http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

Below is an email I wrote to my Congressman Jared Polis regarding his pending vote on the authorization of Military force in Syria. Feel free to copy any of this if you have the same opinion and want to save some time sending a message to yours.

Dear Congressman,

The President was right to ask for Congressional approval and now it is your turn to be brave and to what the voters of your district have sent you to Washington to do.

The country of Syria has not attacked the United States of America and I do not support the use of Military force that is not part of a UN peacekeeping coalition. I have seen no evidence to support this administration’s claims that a military attack on behalf of the United States would have any positive affect in the region and I urge you to vote against the authorization to attack Syria.

The results that I am sure of if we go it alone with these attacks are; an escalation of overall violence in the region, an escalation of anti-American sentiment around the world, and even more innocent civilian deaths. I also anticipate continued and increased, targeted terrorism against US citizens both abroad and at home. All this for a military project that will not work and that we simply cannot afford. It makes no sense.

Although the bodies of the dead from our missiles and predator drones will not likely make it to US television news airwaves the way the gas attack victims in Syria did, make no mistake, those images will make the airwaves in other regions of the world, and there will be repercussions for both our soldiers and our citizens.

I have read that this proposed attack is intended to send a message to Syria and others in the region that chemical weapon usage will not be tolerated. Well, if that were an effective strategy, then why did Syria not get the message when we punished Iraq, overthrew and essentially assassinated the dictator for the same thing?

The previous administration’s complete lack of understanding and miscalculation of our enemies in both Iraq and Afghanistan has presented a crystal clear example of how there is absolutely no such thing as a six month military solution in a place like Syria. The fact that our President and Secretaries of States and Defense have not learned from the past is incomprehensible to a good number of voters that thought things had possibly changed.

I agree that something must be done to stop the slaughter of the innocent in Syria. I just completely disagree with the proposed strategy of using killing to promote peace. The only solution to this crisis will be through increased humanitarian aid and through increased international diplomacy and worldwide collective pressure. We need to set an example by leading the world in finding peaceful solutions and by being a productive member of an international peacekeeping coalition.

Instead, the President’s solution is the same as the previous. We cutoff talks and fire rockets as if real problems in the Middle East can be solved using a system of prison justice with the US President serving as judge, jury and executioner for the entire World. Then we wonder why so many want to kill us. Our national defense system must return to a system of actual defense. Not a middle class jobs program that actually puts us in the bull’s-eye of terrorism via the missiles and drones that simultaneously and fictitiously prop up a smoke and mirrors economy.

Enough is enough. If you do not make a clear indication that this is also your understanding with your vote on Syria, you will not get my re-election vote in Congress or in any future political campaigns. This is my promise and I am not alone.